Solderings brazing for joining steel

Diameter 2x1000=30.30gr the baguette - D2.5x1000=46.66gr - D3x1000=61.66gr - D4x1000=112.50gr * Divide these weights by 2 for length 500mm. The maximum impurity limits applicable to all solder types are as follows (% by weight) Al 0.01, As 0.01, Bi 0.01, Cd 0.025, Fe 0.25, Pb 0.02, Sb 0.01. Total impurities without Fe 0.2. Consult us for packaging or custom color. Surface deoxidation by 500 kg minimum. Chemical analysis during the day (Paying)

codedesignationzone (°F)DIN 8513ISO 17672:2016EN 1044ISO 3677
ADXBADX bare rod1472-1832Din 8554 : G11668
CZ40FCZ40 wire1607-1643Cu470aCU 301B-Cu60Zn(Si)-875/895
CZ40AGBCZ40AG bare rod1562-1598B Cu59ZnAgSi 850-870
CZ40AGECZ40AG Flux coated rods1562-1598B Cu59ZnAgSi 850-870
CZ40SNBCZ40Sn bare rod1607-1643Cu470CU 302
CZ40SNECZ40Sn Flux coated rods1607-1643Cu470CU 302
CZ41AGNIBCZ41AGNI bare rod1598-1652B Cu48ZnNiAgSi 870-900
CZ41AGNIECZ41AGNI Flux coated rods1598-1652B Cu48ZnNiAgSi 870-900
CZ41AGNILCZ41AGNI foil1598-1652B Cu48ZnNiAgSi 870-900
CZ41NI10BCZ41NI10 bare rod1634-1688L CuNi10Zn42Cu773CU 305BCu49ZnNiSi 890-920
CZ41NI10ECZ41NI10 Flux coated rods1634-1688L CuNi10Zn42Cu773CU 305BCu49ZnNiSi 890-920