Thin Flexible Flux Coated

enrobage flexible

Flexible Coating it is common knowledge that the quality of the coating easily deteriorates and due to their rigidity they are sometimes difficult to use.

This reality is now past for MP France, which proposes a new, thin, flexible, solid and clean coating. ( with user specified concentration of the components)

This coating is competitive on an industrial basis, compared with bare rods and wires and available for all standard alloys and all diameters above/superior to 10/10. With a gain in time of up to 50% compared to manual application of paste.

Main qualities

Time saving and technical superiority

  • Flux residue elimination
  • Manual application of useless flux
  • No further cleaning required (such as sandblasting)
  • Time saving up to 50%

Environmentally friendly

  • Finesse and coating compounds
  • No offensive smell
  • Reduced smoke emission

Zero loss and identification

enrobage souple

  • Flexible coating
  • Identification by ink print
  • No deterioration during storage and use.

Optimisation of used quantities

  • Minimum coating percentage
  • More alloy
  • Increased number of rods
  • (over 54 rods per kilo)
  • Less run-out at the joints