Silver brazing alloys, Cd-free

Use to SuperFlux NT or MaxiFlux NT for all metal except aluminium B = Rods, F = Wire, P = Powder, A = Rings, L = Foil. ES= Flexible Fluxcoated, EF = Thin and Flexible, EX = Very Thin and flexible.

codedesignationzone (°F)infosDIN 8513ISO 17672:2016EN 1044spec. AMSISO 3677
505SIEMF505Si Flux coated MF1508-1598Ag 205SiAG 208
505SIESF505Si flexible flux coated SF1508-1598Ag 205SiAG 208
505SIL505Si Silver Foil1508-1598Ag 205SiAG 208
505SIPA65505Si Paste alloys1508-1598Ag 205SiAG 208
512SIB512Si bare rods1472-1526Ag 212SiAG 207
518SIESF518Si flexible flux coated SF1274-1490L-Ag18 *
520SIB520Si bare rods1274-1490L-Ag20Ag 220AG 206B-Cu44ZnAg(Si)-690/810
520SIEMF520Si Flux coated MF1274-1490L-Ag20Ag 220AG 206B-Cu44ZnAg(Si)-690/810
520SIESF520Si flexible flux coated SF1274-1490L-Ag20Ag 220AG 206B-Cu44ZnAg(Si)-690/810
530F530 wire1283-1418L-Ag30*Ag 230AG 204
530SNEMF530Sn Flux coated MF1229-1391L-Ag30SnAg 130AG 107
530SNESF530Sn flexible flux coated SF1229-1391L-Ag30SnAg 130AG 107
530SNF530Sn wire1229-1391L-Ag30SnAg 130AG 107
534SNEMF534Sn Flux coated MF1166-1346L-Ag34SnAg 134
534SNESF534Sn flexible flux coated SF1166-1346L-Ag34SnAg 134
538SNEGF538Sn flux coated GF1220-1328L-Ag38Sn*Ag 138
540SNA540Sn rings1202-1310L-Ag40SnAg 140AG 105AWS Bag 28
540SNB540Sn bare rods1202-1310L-Ag40SnAg 140AG 105AWS Bag 28
540SNECF540Sn flux coated CF1202-1310L-Ag40SnAg 140AG 105AWS Bag 28
540SNEMF540Sn Flux coated MF1202-1310L-Ag40SnAg 140AG 105AWS Bag 28
540SNESF540Sn flexible flux coated SF1202-1310L-Ag40SnAg 140AG 105AWS Bag 28
544B544 bare rods1247-1355L-Ag44Ag 244AG 203B-Ag44CuZn-675/735
545SNB545Sn bare rods1184-1256L-Ag45SnAg 145AG 104
545SNECF545Sn flux coated CF1184-1256L-Ag45SnAg 145AG 104
545SNEMF545Sn Flux coated MF1184-1256L-Ag45SnAg 145AG 104
545SNESF545Sn flexible flux coated SF1184-1256L-Ag45SnAg 145AG 104
550NIB550Ni bare rods1220-1301AG 450AMS 4788 - AWS BAg-24B-Ag50CuZnNi660/705
556SNB556Sn bare rods1148-1211L-Ag56SnAg 156AG 102B-Ag56CuZnSn-620/655
556SNEMF556Sn Flux coated MF1148-1211L-Ag56SnAg 156AG 102B-Ag56CuZnSn-620/655
556SNESF556Sn flexible flux coated SF1148-1211L-Ag56SnAg 156AG 102B-Ag56CuZnSn-620/655
AG72CUAAG72CU rings1432-1432L-Ag72AG 401