Propiedades mecánicas :Rm : 791, A% : 39

Composición química : P 0,02% , Ni 22% , Si 0,35% , Mn 1,25% , Fe 3% , Cr 22% , C 0,1% , W 14,5%

Descripción y aplicaciones :

HAYNES 188  filler metal is used for the gas metal arc and gas tungsten arc welding of 188
alloy. The alloy has excellent strength with superior oxidation resistance and thermal stability. The
alloy has good sulfi dation resistance and is used extensively in demanding military and civil aircraft
gas turbine engine combustors and other key components. The RTW™ fi ller metal fi nish on the
spooled wire promotes smooth feeding through welding equipment and reduced tip wear in contact tips.

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